Monday, February 21, 2011

Trends in 2011

I selected 3D printing because it would revolutionize the common house hold and every day living. People would  benefit from this making it easier to shop for house hold needs and materials. This would be a most popular trend      
for the 2011 era yet it would be a lazy way of shopping people would use this machine to print what ever comes to mind and in what ever color of their choosing. And hopfuly will be affordable for any persons budget and less time on their hands.

Monday, February 7, 2011


I have choosing Censorship because it is a very broad topic and talked about alot by every day people such as the parents of a young youth groups,involving things like video games,t.v,internet. Some material should be restricted to select groups like age groups 5 to 13 because for one things like violence from games,t.v,an internet can affect young boys and girls futures teaching them bad habbits even with a lack of parental guidenes. The second thing is young youth groups can act out what they see on t.v or video games causing mental harm to themshevles and others around them and later leading down to the path of drugs and even thoughts of suicide when they get to their teenage years.